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Parrot Cages
Your Parrot Cages should have enough room for your Bird, Toys, Perches and food cups.
Suitable African Grey Parrot Cage
Top Tip
It is good practise to have two or three Perches of different materials and slightly different sizes.
Clean your Parrot Cage regularly, This will stop it smelling and reduce harmful bacterial build up.
This will help keep your parrots feet in good condition.
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If you know what you want in a African Grey parrot cages, Amazon parrot cages, or even your Blue and Gold Macaw Cages then its not so hard finding the one for you.

The problem comes when you go and visit your local pet store and he has lots of parrot cages on offer, The general consensus is to buy the largest parrot cage you can afford, A Parrots cage is one of the most important investments you can make. The larger the cage, the happier the parrot is.
If you do not know what you are looking for you may take advice from the pet shop owner . If they are in anyway knowledgeable about parrot keeping then they will not let you buy a cage that's totally impractical for the size of parrot you have. 

There are many factors to take into account when choosing and buying your Parrot Cage. The bigger the better, but financially you may not be able to afford the cage you would really like.
The best advice I can offer is to really think about things here. If you were to be housed in a cage would you like a small stuffy cage where you had no room to move? I think not. Your feathered friend needs room to move about, exercise and must have room to flap his wings with ease.
If you cannot provide this for your parrot maybe you should re-think to whether you should have a Parrot at all.Your parrot relys on you for everything, please provide for Him/Her with the best living conditions possible.
Parrot Cages
Another factor is the shape of the cage, It is generally thought that a square or rectangular shape cage is better than a round one. A square cage provides more security for your bird. A round one will stress your bird , he will always be looking around for potential threats, where as a square cage can be put into a corner or against a wall . This means that one or two sides are protected against a wall, your Parrot will appreciate this.
Because of there size and general and active behaviour Macaws, African Greys especially need lots of room, If they are confined to a small space then they may become unhappy thus may start feather plucking( Self Mutilation).
A Stainless Steel Cage is the preferred material of which a cage should be made of. Some metals contain harmful toxins that should be avoided at all costs.
Always give your new cage a good wash, you don't know what has been used chemically to clean it before hand.
Another factor when buying your parrot cage is to choose a cage with a big opening either or both at the top of the cage and and the front. This opening (Door) wants to be a lot bigger than the bird itself. This is so the bird won't catch itself on any parts of the door that may harm your bird e.g. sharp edges etc.
Most cages come with a removable grid at the bottom of the cage. Some people choose to remove this and allow there birds to roam free at the bottom of the cage scavenging for tit bits. I personally wouldn't remove it.
Your bird shouldn't be exposed to faeces or any waste food that has dropped to the bottom of the cage. Its un-hygienic for both your bird and you.
Parrot Cages
The cage above with an open top with give your bird a sense of independence
Parrot Cages come in various shapes and sizes, they also vary in price. Always look around in various pet shops preferably in shops that specialise in birds. The internet is also a great place to shop for cages, I have found that most items are cheaper to buy from the internet and have personally ordered lots of items from different online birdie shops. A full range of accessories for your cage can also be bought from reputable online outlets.
It may a good idea to look at the product within a pet shop before buying from the internet, you can then see what you are buying for yourselves.
You will also have to invest in perches, which come made in various materials, Concrete, Acrilic, Wooden Dowel, Java wood, Sandy. 
It is vital to have at least one good Sandy or Concrete perch within the cage. This helps to keep your Parrots nails and beak in Tip Top condition.
Parrot Cages


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