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Places to Visit Parrots
Below is a Comprehensive list of Places to visit Parrots. Parrot Sanctuarys,Parrot Parks, Bird Parks, Zoo's, Bird Houses, National Parks. You are also able to send me your Comments and Reviews if you have visited any of the following places.
Parrot in Cage
If we do not list a Parrot Place that you have visited recently then please do let me know by Email and letting me know the Name of the Place and Location.
Africa Alive


Take your tribe for a GREAT day out.
Get close to the animals and discover the sights, sounds and smells of the world's most vibrant and exciting continent!

Amazon World Logo

Welcome to the largest exotic animal attraction on the Isle of Wight!

IOW Tourism's 'Top Attraction' award winner and the 'Good Britain Guide' Top Family Attraction.

Amazon World Zoo Park is a special kind of attraction. Here you can learn about conservation and rainforests and come face to face with some of the worlds most unusual, beautiful and endangered creatures. Some you won't be able to see anywhere else in the UK or even Europe!

Try to spot the many species of tropical bird flying freely through the rainforest above your head or count the crocodiles in the pond. Enjoy the displays and talks or just sit and watch the lemurs as they sunbathe and play.

Parrots, Lots of them, As you can imagine parrots are a large part of this attraction.

Banham zoo Logo
Enjoy the ultimate fun filled day out at one of the most exciting wildlife attractions in the country. Rated amongst UK's top three Zoos by WHICH?

Banham Zoo is set amongst 35 acres of beautiful parkland and gardens with innovative and exciting enclosures, providing sanctuary for almost 1000 animals ranging from big cats to birds of prey and siamangs to shire horses.

Bird World logo
26 acres of beautiful parkland and landscaped gardens are the perfect setting for the birds from around the world.

The forest backdrop sets off beautiful gardens, giving interest all the year round to everyone who likes to come to a garden and gather ideas or just to sit and admire their surroundings.

From the first snowdrops of spring to the full colour of summer and the foliage and barks of autumn and winter, there is always plenty to see.

The gardens are constantly being kept up-to-date with selected areas chosen for re-landscaping such as our willow structure in woodland walk, but many mature trees create the finer structure. The topiary garden, shrub and herbaceous borders, herb beds, cottage gardens and lawns, bulbs and colourful containers all help to provide a complementary setting for the birds.

Colchester Zoo Logo
Colchester Zoo is constantly evolving to ensure our world class level of commitment to our animals. Along with lots of other animals we hold lots of Parrot Species including Blue and Gold Macaws, Amazons and African Greys. Well worth a Visit.
Cotswold Animal Park Logo
Cotswold Wildlife Park is set in 160 acres of parkland and gardens around a listed Victorian Manor House and has been open to the public since 1970.

The Park is home to a fascinating and varied collection of mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates from all over the world and aspires to show animals to people - so that they can come to understand and respect all forms of wildlife; to understand what is special about each species, and how the various species have evolved over very long periods of time, adjusting to survive in habitats from many parts of the earth.

We keep several Parrot Species, Kea,Red-sided Eclectus, Blue and Gold Macaw, Citron Crested Cockatoo, Duyvenbode’s Lory

Edinburgh Zoo
Our mission is to inspire and excite our visitors with the wonder of living animals, and so to promote the conservation of threatened species and habitats.

Edinburgh Zoo has many parrots; Dusky Lory - Lorikeet - Rainbow Lorikeet - Australian Rainbow Lorikeet - Mitchell’s Cockatoo - Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo - Blue-and-yellow Macaw - Iliger’s Macaw - Red-fronted macaw - Thick-billed parrot

You may also be interested to hear that we are currently developing an exciting new enclosure called ‘Rainbow Landings’ which will be an indoor enclosure of rainbow lorikeets where the visitor will be able to purchase some nectar and have the birds fly to them! This is due to be completed towards the end of August.

Welsh Mountain Zoo

Welcome to the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

A Great Zoo with lots to do. A large selection of Parrot Species, African Greys, macaws, eagles, condores. and lots more birds.

The completion of a new £100,000 Condor Haven at the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay has led to the creation of a unique project between conservationists in Ecuador and Wales.

Tropical Wings

Welcome to Tropical Wings - World of Wildlife

Tropical Wings at South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, is set in acres of attractive gardens and features one of the largest butterfly houses in the country. There are many different species of birds, insects and animals, and we pride ourselves on encouraging interaction whenever possible.

We are very proud of our Conservation Activities, which resulted in Tropical Wings becoming the first UK Zoo to successfully breed Marbled Polecats for many years, in July 2007.

There is a massive selection of wildlife to interact with at Tropical Wings. Daily Activities include:

Feeding the Wallabies
Lemur & MeerKat Feeding time
Indoor Parrot Free Flying Display
Birds of Prey Flying display in the Out Door Arena

This Park also has lots of Parrot Species to see and has come highly recommended by one of our Forum Members.


Just wanted to let you know about a great little place we go to regularly. It's called Tropical Wings and is in South woodham ferrers in Essex.
Among the birds they have, macaws, greys, too's and chattering lori's as well as galahs, caiques and a minah bird. They also have birds of prey and do an excellent demonstration of flight as well as a great parrot display inside.
They also have a lovely butterfly house with free flying lorikeets and some little monkeys and bats in enclosures, a reptile area and a farmyard where you can pet and feed some of the animals.
It isn't huge but it is a lovely place to visit and they have a quaint little tea room serving stuff from their farm shop.
Their birds are in great condition and well looked after. I'd move in if I could lol

Keely Scott

Places to visit Parrots



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