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Parrot Play
Parrots are very intelligent birds, and because of this we should do our upmost on a daily basis to give our parrots some fun and enjoyment either in or out of the cage enviroment. Providing your parrot with a range of safe toys to play with and items to chew on will much increase your parrots happyness and encourage you as a parrot owner to interact with your parrot reguarly. This has its benefits to both you as owner being able to interact with you feathered friend and for the parrot help promote a healthy, playfull, happy bird. Without parrot play there is a good chance your parrot could become bored and perhaps this could bring the onset of Feather Plucking.
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Below are a few links to individual Parrot Play topics.

Parrot Homemade Toys

Parrot Rope Toys

Parrot Wooden Toys

Climbing Accessories

Parrot Playstands

Parrot Play Stand
Parrot Homemade Toys
Home made toys are cheep, easy to make and easily replaced. Make sure there are no small parts that can be chewed off and ingested, and no clips, loose strings, or other parts in which your bird could get its beak, feet, or head trapped.
Safe toys include wood, sisal, leather, acrylic, and rawhide toys (including hanging toys as long as they are not long enough to strangle your bird), bells, and ladders.
As well, household items such as the cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls, paper cups, ink-free cardboard, and dried pasta shapes may also be used. Parrots are very active
Homemade Toy Parts
and playful so it is a good idea to have lots of toys on hand to rotate through the cage to keep them occupied. All toys including their hanging devices should be zinc and lead free.
Parrot Rope Toys
Parrots love to climb and swing. Ropes are good to use but home made ones may be best used only under supervision since threads can come loose and entangle birds easily.
Parrot Wooden Toys
All caged pets need to have something to play with and chew on to help relieve stress and boredom. Natural untreated woods are best. Your pet needs a variety of toys to stay active.
Daily toys help keep pets physically active and help satisfy the natural chewing instinct.
A wide variety of wooden toys or plain untreated chunks of wood to chew on should be provided. Toys meant to be taken apart to get at a treat are also a good choice, as are hanging toys and toys to climb on as long as they are safe.
Toys should be provided to keep your inquisitive bird occupied. Toys can be expensive, as they need to be made of durable materials so think about the toys and their function. The best toys are made of a variety of materials, which will give the bird different textures to explore. Toys that get the parrot thinking and working are also good such as those, which reward the bird after carrying out a task.
Parrot toys can be scary for your bird so are best introduced by leaving the toy several yards in visual sight of your bird until they become accustomed it.
Climbing Accessories
Parrots are very intelligent animals who should be given plenty to keep them busy. Even in the cage or aviary, Ladders are a good toy as they help to give them some exercise by climbing.
Parrot Playstands
Bird perches and stands act like a bird gym and give your pet plenty of exercise and climbing room. They come in many shapes, sizes, designs and different materials so are very much a personal choice by the individual.
Parrot Playstand
You can even have them custom made, floor or table standing. You can add a variety of toys onto them for climbing, swinging and enjoying.
For all your Parrots needs visit Northern Parrots
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Parrot Playschool


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